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 EnFleur3.jpg - large EnFleur8.jpg - large


     EnFleur5.jpg - large EnFleur6.jpg - large

EnFleur4.jpg - large EnFleur7.jpg - large

Previous Exhibitions:

KateHopkinson.jpg - large

Janno.jpg - large

Donald Keys - Impressions


 DonaldKeys.jpg - large

Opening Night Thursday 11th,
September from 5:30pm - 8:00pm.



Sarika Gupta - Without Rose Coloured Glasses

September 18 - October 5


Sarika-Gupta-Exhibit1.jpg - large 


’Without Rose Coloured Glasses’ is a solo exhibition by Sarika Gupta, a young Sydney based doctor.  During her resident years, Sarika undertook a series of voluntary placements in India, Burma and Papua New Guinea where she predominantly worked in women’s and eye health.   


A keen photographer herself, Sarika used her lens to capture the vivid scenes that were unfolding around her.  Her exhibition is an intimate collection of portraits that narrate the courageous stories of the men, women and children she encountered on her travels.  Many are victims of societal dysfunction that ultimately excludes them from accessing vital and timely healthcare.  At the very least this is a breach of their human rights and by bringing their stories to the foreground via her unique perspective as a medic, Sarika hopes to raise awareness and help initiate a very necessary change.  


All proceeds from exhibition sales will support public health campaigns led by Rotary International, Vision Beyond Aus and the Duncan Emmanuel Hospital (Raxaul, India) which aim to improve health equity and access in the developing setting. 



PeterBerner.jpg - large


What happens when one man and eight women go to the desert to paint...?

Come and experience the wilderness captured by,  'The Wild Women of Arkaroola Plus.'

Opening night is on Thursday 21st August 2014, from 6.00pm to 8.30pm.
(Preview at the gallery on Wednesday 20th August.)


Arkaroola.png - large


shelley burnham      Artist Bio

new work

"time moved on so I stayed behind"  

Burnham.jpg - large


please join us for drinks on opening night 

tuesday 12 august


to be opened by paul becker

founder and ceo, 10 group


queen st. gallery

28 queen street, woollahra 

opening hours mon to sun 10 - 6

11-17 august 2014


TouchingourLand.jpg - large


We are delighted to present a landscape show of contemporary Australian artists. Artists included:


Euan Macleod,Steve Lopes,Guy Maestri,Chris Langlois

Toby Burrows,Ron McBurnie,Susan Baird,Sally Stokes.Guy Brown

Charmaine Pike,Alex Frayne,Anthony Cahill,Michael Fairweather,

Kate Hopkinson-Pointer,Paul Ryan,John Bokor,George Raftopoulos,

Joanna Logue,Donna Smullen,Luke Sciberras,Sirika Gupta,Kristel Smits.



HeadOnExhibitionInvi1.jpg - large


  Tully1.jpg - large Tully2.jpg - large Tully4.jpg - large Tully5.jpg - large


Artist Statement     Artist Bio    Press Release


Life in the Drive Through

Rebecca Wiig 

2-8 June


Exhibiting as part of the Head On Photo Festival, photographer Rebecca Wiig is showing her latest series titled "Life in the Drive Through". A documentary series of the NSW mining town of Cessnock.


Cessnock, a once prosperous mining town, is nestled in between the booming Hunter Valley and the bustling city of Sydney. It is a "drive through" town that seems to have been forgotten in favour of its tourist haven neighbours. Although overlooked by many, the abundance of character and charm that is found once you scratch beneath the surface is undeniable. This is a series about the place, the people and their pastimes.


Life in the Drive Through is showing from Monday the 2nd to Sunday the 8th of June. Opening night Thursday the 5th of June from 6pm.


Headon1.jpg - large Headon2.jpg - large Headon3.jpg - small Headon4.jpg - large


Bernard McGrath

Shaken 3rd April - 13th April

Opening Night and Reception with Artist 6-8 pm Thursday the 3rd of April


Bernard McGrath Bio

Bernard McGrath is an Australian, self taught contemporary artist based in Berry, NSW. Working primarily in acrylic, his mixed media works combine loud, vivid colours and textures creating a highly unique energy on canvas. Bernard's works are created by what he calls his "splash and slash method" where he splashes, throws and layers paint onto a canvas and then shakes it whilst the paint is wet forming different shapes and textures.


Bernard has had no formal training and attributes his growing artistic talents to a procedure he had in 2008 known as Deep Brain Stimulation for the treatment of his early onset Parkinson’s Disease.Deep brain stimulation (DBS) uses an implantable medical device similar to a cardiac pacemaker, which treats the main symptoms of advanced Parkinson's disease by delivering electrical stimulation to a precisely targeted area deep within the brain. Bernard believes this procedure also stimulated the right side of his brain as prior to the operation he appreciated art but had never participated in any artistic endeavours. Bernard loves his new found creativity and finds it a great form of therapy for his Parkinson’s Disease.


McGrath70sdreaming.jpg - large McGrathAftermath.jpg - large McGrathBluePolarBear.jpg - large


McGrathBurningEmbers.jpg - large McGrathBushFireOne.jpg - large McGrathCassowaries.jpg - large


McGrathCockfight.jpg - large McGrathFirefighters.jpg - large McGrathGhostGums.jpg - large


McGrathGlobalwarming.jpg - large McGrathGlobalwarming1.jpg - large McGrathGlobalwarming2.jpg - large


McGrathIrisintheWind.jpg - large McGrathMeltingpolari1.jpg - large McGrathStormoverBell1.jpg - large


McGrathSpinnakersont1.jpg - large McGrathSpinnakersont1.jpg - large 


Guy Chapman


25 February - 9 March 2014


GuyChapmanLandscapes.jpg - large



GuyChapmanLandscapes1.jpg - large 


JohnTaylorFebruary.jpg - large


Artist's Bio 

De Renee

17-19 January


MassacreodDivots.jpg - large


The Blackman Children 10 - 22 December 2013.

  •  The opening is 12 December 6 - 8 pm by Paul Delpratt (Director of the Julian Ashton Art School)
  •  Meet the artists 14 December 3 - 5 pm
CatandMouseGarden1201.jpg - large IceBreaker.jpg - large GiantBouquet.jpg - large

Artists Bio

Barnaby Blackman

Auguste Blackman

Chritabel Blackman



DavidMilne.jpg - large



Anthony Griffith

October 24 - November 6

Opening: Thursday, Oct 24 6 - 8pm
To be officially opened by Channel 7's Chris Bath

Open 7 days 10am - 5pm or by appointment

T: 0437 202 089



AnthonyGriffith.jpg - large


TrentonShipley.jpg - large

infoforQueenSt_edite1.jpg - large

ColinSmall.jpg - large

Artists Bios

LarissaNouryExhibiti1.JPG - large


The Beginning Of Colour Harmony


UniqueVisions.jpg - large

  Larissa's Bio


Sid Sledge and Other Birds

By Steven Durbach 1-15 August 2013

Opening Night 1st August, 6-8.30pm


 SidSledge.jpg - large


Hibari Productions

Tribe: Life on the Edge


19-31 July 2013


HabariProductions.jpg - large



HabariProductions2.jpg - large


Lesley Vogel

Ferry Glimpses

5-15 April 2013


FERRYGLIMPSESArtExhi1.png - large

Artistic Statement

HumanasingbyEoloPaul1.jpg - large

Eolo Paul Bottaro CV       Eolo Paul Bottaro Website

Ben Goss


1-17 February 2013

 Artist's CV


BENGOSS_e-invite.jpg.jpeg - large


“Loving the work of Sydney based Ben Goss. Wonderful mix of playful paintings, quirky illustrations, both personal and corporate work. Each project better than the last with a distinct Ben Goss colour pallette throughout.”           - Damien Aistrope Australian Infront, 2012



Guy Chapman 

Landscape Oil Paintings

19 February - 3 March 2013

Artist's Website   About the Exhibition   Exhibition on Facebook 


GuyChapman1.jpg.jpg - large  GuyChapman2.jpg.jpg - large


GuyChapman3.jpg.jpg - large  GuyChapman4.jpg.jpg - large  



Brigitte Marlot & Robbi Wymer

"See This Tree" & "Accent of Man"

1st December - 23rd December


Brigitte Marlot Artistic Statement


Robbi Wymer Artistic Statement


B_Marlot1.jpg - large  B_Marlot2.jpg - large


R_Wymer1.jpg - large  R_Wymer2.jpg - large



John Taylor - Flags Of My Disposition


Artist CV


JohnTaylorInvite.jpg - small


Catherine Giles - Polynesian Paintings


Opening Night Invite

Artistic Statement